Professor Giorgio Grasso  one of the most famous Italian art historian and art critics opened the Serbian artist  Miša Mihajlo Kravcev exhibition In Milan with these words:

“We are contacted daily by hundreds of artist who want to exhibit their art in Miro Persolja gallery, the space which shows the clear message of struggle against Duchamp’s conceptual art with goal that modern society realizes that with every single day it is closer and closer to deep and dramatical crisis. It is the  movement called “Revolutionism”, whose goal is the change in artistic world  and in art itself and the number of their followers is growing every day.

And it is because of that clear attitude of mine that is not easy for  gallery owners and exhibition organizers  to persuade me to talk about art works. But when Linda Pavlova, art director og the gallery, suggested to present this important artist, I agreed to open this exhibition because I recognized something important in his work. This is Art! The art is something that brings you to other dimensions at the end of an exhausting day full of life struggle and worries, when you finally get back home and the paintings take you to imaginary world, dreams and unreality.

This artist manages through his art to show something that cannot be seen by plain sight, that you can see only in dreams, imagination, it is the perception of the artist’s life and emotions that spread to other people also.

And all of that is possible through this great Serbian artist’s work.

Miša Mihajlo Kravcev`s work make the life, the people and all of us more beautiful because he seduces with colors, imagination, with his love for nature and  beauty and this is something that I rarely find in artists.

So, I sincerely congratulate our artist for producing this art which is fantastic pleasure for eye  and which we should look at every day.“



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