Until April 30th, “Miro Persolja” gallery, located in a well – know aeria of Tortona, is hosting the great artist exhibition of Misa Mihajlo Kravcev.
The Belgrade’s artist placed 20 of his paintings, oil on canvas, and that’s real journey through his path of creative and aesthetic discoveries.
Rhapsody of colors, inspiration and passionate joy of life, based on a huge might of his art skills, represented through simplicity of beauty and essency of the pure love as meaning of salvation of world and all of us.

Paintings of Misa Mihajlo Kravcev on the rich oil on canvas compositions in fact represents a great Hymn to the whole life and it’s wonders , among fairy – tale horses, graceful flamingos and sensual portraits of women : “ Through my artwork I am transmissing elixir of joy of love for the life”, explained the artist

link: https://www.shoppingmilanoroma.it

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