On Colors and Lines


( an essay from the monography)


   I have never believed that anything will just fit anywhere. Every shade, every color, and every shape have their own, precisely determined place in Nature.

   And it says so, all of it, in Nature.

   All colors combined make white. White is the light and the information of life. The space that need them, that is yet to apsorb them is the color black. Black is the yearning for life.

   The three basic colors, out of which all the others are made, are blue, yellow and red. Just leike blue is the sky, by night and by day, and yellow is the two lights and the stars in the sky, just like red is the blood in our veins or Mother Earth on the inside.

   Yellow and blue come from white. They are the colors of the sky. Red comes from black and this is why it absorbes and attracts all attention and we can not help but notice it. The opposite of red is green, which rest our eyes, which fulfills and serves us.

   Once upon a time, while that fire of creation was still burning, the color red attracted towards itself the colors of the sky. Yellow and blue together make green. But the color of the Sun and the color of this daytime sky produce together no other color but emerald, which stands in contrast with burnt Sienna, which was what the soil was like between 23rd and the 45th parallele, where the Earth was at its most fertile. So emerald was also attracted and it was pulled towards the red color of the Earth. This was how the first rain fell on Earth and how down here harmony and fertility come to be.

   Red is the color of matter and it is all around us. Blue is the color of air, the sky, the mountains in the distance are blue, food can never be blue. Yellow is the color of the center of space, it reigns and dominates.

   Orange or red and yellow combined, is the color of Knowledge, purple, red and blue, is the color of passion, change and life.

   And then comes an infinite number of shades…


                                           * * * * *


   There are three basic forms of line, the straight line, the curve, and a spiral – in which a straight line chases a circle, like the information of life, like RNA and DNA.

   A straight line does not exist in Nature, and that is why it is never found on my paintings. Without the circle, without the curves, it is pointless and non-existend. All lines and shapes around us exist only when they are together.

   And yet, the technique of squaring the circle trying to present the heavenly through earthy limitations is a completely different thing and not in the domaine of my personal artistic aspirations, with all due respect to all those indispensable professions, such as architecture or construction. In creating a paintings form, I will always focus on such angles, aspects and proportions on which the dynamics of Nature rests, like it is in the Cosmos.



                                                     Miša Mihajlo Kravcev

                                                 Easter 2019. „Moskva“ Hotel, Belgrade

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