„We are looking at the work of one of the masters of European surrealism Miša Kravcev, who has already exhibited with me in some most important exhibitions in Milan (Brera) giving the opportunity for art lovers and collectors to get to know this very important artist.

   This artist represents the dream, the magic, through the color he takes us to a magical moment of art in the most honorary phase, where imagination govern the painting, to enter and be saduced by this world of magical Kravcev

   The magic phase, the dream phase of the painting is also represented by the winged horse, by the woman, as well as the color, and brings people into a fantastic magical world.  

   He is an artist who will grow even more and who they will know all over Europe, and the value of his works will always be more and more and therefore buying one is a work now it is charity but also a great investment.“

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