Misha’s grand exibition opening was on March 8th in famous Persolja gallery. Exhibition was opened by eminent art historian and art critic Giorgio Georgio Grasso and on that occasion he emphasized fantastic coloring and spirit radiating from Misha’s paintings. Misha announced that his art goal is to pass on all what is beauty and which is essence of life itself. The exhibition will be open until end of April.

Miša Kravcev, Milano

Miša & Jovana Kravcev , Milano

Svetlana Nikolić – Miša Kravcev 

Dušica Spasić – Miša Kravcev 

Miša Kravcev – Interview TV Lombardia, Sanja Babic – translator

Dušica Spasić, Domenico Rugiano, Svetlana Nikolić and TV Lombardia

Miro Persolja, Jovana and Miša Kravcev 

Linda Pavlova, Georgio Gregorio Grasso, Miša Kravcev and Jovana Kravcev

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