Orpheus with the Paint Brush

Cathalogue text by Mirjana Zivkovic, the legendary editor of the cultural page of
“politika”, for Kravcev`s authors exhibition at House of Djura Jaksic, Skadarlija,
November 1994, opened by herself

On fourteenth individual exhibition of his art Misa Mihajlo Kravcev is
presenting a selection of his creative work, paintings which are not difficult
to explaine. Similar to his colleque Pollock, he is not using scetehes for
preparation. His paintings are direct. To this painter it is important to
express his feelings, and not to describe them. Having the general idea
what he wants to paint in front of the white canvas Kravcev in his best works
does it in one single breath.

Not belonging to any specific painters grupation Kravcev building his
individual way whose last aim is to be the protagonist. Themes and motives
of his workrcraft draws us in to extremes of microscopic and telescopic
visions, in the intention that the end scope has to be perception of
unreachable elements of the spirit of the universe.

Paintings “ Aphrodite”, “Elves”, “Orpheus”, “Annunciation” altrough
being of contemporary artistic handwrighting make a circle and build up to
his classical education which he has got from an exquisite painter Gordana
Lazic. Running away from everything which leads, as he is saying himself to
redy made and statistics, Kravcev is building his painstaking way upright,
and with no others help.

With the strong and expressive colourit paitings of this artist estabilish
basic communication with the public at the level of emotions, even if it
sounds paradoxical, in the paintings whose structure builds up harmony
between the subject and its strong expressionist expression. Maturity, the
so called obstinate persistence on the individual way of Misa Mihajlo
Kravcev at this exhibition gives us joy and pleasure.

Belgrade, novembar 1994 Mirjana Živković

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