Miša Mihajlo Kravcev, art painter and writer, was born in Belgrade 16th February 1962 . Until now, he had numerous joint and 25 author`s exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, out of which the most prominent ones were in the Cultual Center of Belgrade and gallery Đura Jakšić, Skadarlija, and specially the one at Great Gallery of the Central Military Club … international, it certainly need to be pointed out the exhibit in Stockholm 1998 within the “Stockholm, the Capital of European Culture” manifestation. “Versatille and affirmed on the art scene, he is one of the most popular and best-selling painters…” (Maja Živanović, art critic – from the following catalog for the Kravcev`s authors exhibition the »Purple Phoenix«, Great Gallery of the Central Military Club 03-17 april 2018 )

In his literary opus, Kravcev published three titles, “The Angel of Coincidence”, “Saga About the Red Star”, and” A Lion`s Spring “. As a writer, he is most famous for his novel ” A Lion`s Spring “, published by Dereta 2016, which is currently being translating into a several foreign languages. As well as in his art painting, everything about the” A Lion`s Spring “, was significantly remarked by the media, audience, also and specially by readers public. At the Belgrade`s Book Fair in October 2016, Kravcev was autographing his novel for a huge number of gathered interested readers, over and over again, several hours.

Misa Mihailo Kravcev, with Russian roots, was born in February 1962 in Belgrade, where he still lives and works. With novels “A lion’s spring” (Y1982) and “Angel of Coincidence” (Y1983), he was for the first time presented as a writer, however he was already famous within Serbian cultural public as a painter with large number of exhibitions and awards.

We are often accustomed to classify people only in the framework of one profession. The painter is a painter, a writer is a writer … However, Misa Kravcev is one of those rare gifted people who elude all definitions. The thread that connects his art and literary work certainly stands out from the poetry, poetry which is not only part of bounded genre, yet part of poetic thread that reveals itself in all spheres of life. –> Dereta.rs


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