Text by Maja Živanović, art critic for the catalog of the exhibition by Miša Mihajlo Kravcev, „Kravcev in Blue“, at Center of nice art, „Guarnerius“, 17.11 – 1.12 2020

Guided by the real, which is transferred to metaphysical and magical, in the latest cycle of paintings, Belgrade artist Miša Kravcev, follows the color blue. That color of deepness, out of boundaries stands out from earthly values ​​and unites the eternal conflicts of day and night. His compositions are harmonious and gentle, at the same time narrative and devoid of superfluous details.

Surrealistic archetypal female figures, fluttering fairies, light-winged sylphs and angels spring from the ultramarine. They are the motif of almost all images, the counterpart of immaterial perfect beings – the embodiment of beauty. Inextricably linked to the air, they are displayed fluidly and silvered, in motion, ecstasy, play or while dancing, in white skirts and accentuated sensuality. Fairytale sylphs lead us into mysterious worlds illuminated by the light of the moon. The moon, the most tender illumination in the night sky, represents the unconscious part of our nature – the human soul.

In some of the paintings by Miša Kravcev, orange, yellow and green colors are accentuated. They are there to emphasize the individuality and splendor of female characters, and they are the embodiment of joy and encouragement.

Taurus is from antiquity to the present day, a sublime being of immense power. Monumentally depicted, with the dominant Moon among the horns, it is a symbol of fertility and power. This is how the observers at Miša’s exhibition experience it.

Horses, Pegasi and Unicorns are another of the motifs that we continuously follow, through the last cycle of this painter. Always on the move, they are the link between the two worlds – earthly and heavenly. A sign of purity and freedom, they remind us of the elusive.

Harmonious paintings by Miša Kravcev synthesize the joy caused by the blue color of all shades, from turquoise to ultramarine. The colors of the sea and the sky, the darker they are – the more we are attracted. Contemplating the compositions where the whole world of surreal fluttering beings is transposed, whose power is reflected through vivid silver and gold hair, we immerse ourselves in the subconscious, hidden in each of us.

Miša Kravcev is one of the most prolific and famous contemporaries and the only representative of our country at the large group exhibition “Arte Visiva e Cinema”, which was recently held in Venice as an accompanying part of the film festival program, along with other selected artists from around the world. and in the selection of the famous Italian art historian – Giorgio Grasso. In addition, his works were presented last year in the renowned palace “Zenobio”, one of the exhibition spaces of the famous Venice Biennale.

In Belgrade, October 2020. Maja Živanović, art critic

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