Miša is an Enfant Terrible for whom everything is allowed

I met Miša through a friend and I instantly got the impression thatI had known him my entire
life. He is one of those people with whom you feel familiar at first glance. The next time we
met, it was in the environment where he lives and creates. Only after I had seen his paintings
and experienced his creative environment have I understood what makes him so magical
and authentic. He defies the rules, he takes no interest in artistic circles. which he often calls
fake, he paints by intuition, the way he dreams it, drawing images from his memories, the
deepest, primeval ones, he writes in one sitting, he lives his life to the fullest. He studied and
absorbed painting along the way, as he was hanging around with the colleagues of his aunt.
an academic painter. He studied art on his own, down to the tiniest detail and surrendered to
it over and over again on the level of the unconscious, supplying it with a street vibe.

You could listen to him for hours and your day would fly by in an instant. He has a great
knowledge of mythology, history. literature, art, film, sports.. As you read his book “A Lion’s
Spring”, you can’t help but wonder if he wrote it sitting in a jeep somewhere in the Savannah.
observing the lion kings of Africa and their every move or if in one of his past lives he breathed
in the Savannah’s scent. Even though he is not a Leo, this sign fits him very well. Superior in his
incompliance. cuddly and snug in his constancy. he is Proud, the hero of his own novel that
he wrote in one night when he was nineteen. However subdued his fashion expression may
be, his red trainers betray him, he wears them the way Dorothy wears her little red shoes while
searching for the rainbow. In the same way, Miša searches for the deepest possible emotion
that he can bring into the world on one of his paintings. Miša is the “Enfant Terrible” for whom
everything’s allowed, and most of all to exist authentically, which is a trait of a rare few.

With his outstanding knowledge of hermeticism, Miša examines the world deeply and
presents it in a highly expressive way through his intense coloring and through beings that
symbolize power, happiness, freedom. immortality. fertility and wealth. His need to convey on
his canvasses the deep truths and emotion hidden in all of us is what wins him admirers across
the world. For this reason are his canvasses sold so well, without unnecessary interpretation
and classification. “Mišaism might be the most precise term for my art, says Miša.

If you think that what drives this prolific artist is self-sufficiency, you are gravely mistaken. He
draws his energy from the life he has always dreamt of living The way he lives his life is to the
fullest. by travelling across the world, soaking up smells and colors and it is with hedonism
that he accepts each new day. And he loves. He loves life, with everything it brings. And yes, a
certain Jovana as well, that angel of his who has her wings wrapped around him and nurtures
him in all his incompliance and joy. One day we hope to witness their collaborative works, as
Jovana too is an artist, and a great one. who just hasn’t awakened that part of her yet.
Tatijana Rapp
Idea Woman, the spokesperson of numerous important art events and manifestations

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