The 21st century is on the run and is much faster than the 20th. Now it is not possible to build a building 30 years, to make paint from pigments from nature, there is no need for court painters who will immortalize important personalities and events in this era of digital computer technology.

    I think that all the still lifes and studio drawings have been drawn for a long time, since Dürer and Leonardo.

    The only path for painting today is in the spirit that no machine can acchive or breathe into. That`s why I refuse to copy something already painted or to paint strictly according to some established patterns from some different times, which are like trams on rails, neither left nor right and in a circle, always the same.

    Artists, don’t copy what is already done, from a long time ago – Keep your own style – Only that way, we can bring the painting and art back into the focus of events.



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