The paintings of Miša Mihajlo Kravcev are more than popular and have been sold on all continents

   In February, Kravcev will also exhibit paintings in the town of Matera, at a major international exhibition from February 18 to March 10, featuring about 30 selected artists from all around the world. The exhibition is organized by Giada Eva Elisa Tarantino, Maria Palladino and Giorgio Grasso.

   Kravcev exhibits all over the world, performing at the Venice Biennale at the end of last year, when he also published a large illustrated monography.

   At the opening of the exhibition on the occasion of the monography, he also received two orders, which he was given by the former chief of protocol of the Russian Duma, S. Khvorostov.

   But for all this attention, a huge credit deserves his wife Jovana    Kravcev, with whom he has been in a happy marriage for 15 years and who with his appearance and appearance captivates, not only in Belgrade and Vracar…

   Why, Take a look yourself

   When he opened Kravcev`s exhibition in Milan, Giorgio Grasso, one of the world’s most influential critics and permanent selector of the Venice Biennale, broke off the round of applause by saying: “But wait, there is living proof with us, about the level of Misha`s Aesthetics …, and invited Jovana to join them on the podium.

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