Organized by a doyen of our visual arts scene Momcilo Mosa Todorovic and his gallery “Radionica Duse”, exhibition “Kravcev in Blue” of our famous painter Misa Mihajlo Kravcev was opened last night.

The idea of gallerist Momcilo Mosa Todorovic was to exhibit only Misa’s blue paintings. in that way he wanted to make this exhibition truly special.

Since Todorovic contracted COVID – 19, he was unable to attend exhibiton, instead of him, the opening speech was held by Maja Zivanovic, one of the leading visual art critics of our scene.

Kravcev, instead of giving an opening speech, called the audience to applaud as a way to support Momcilo Mosa Todorovic in his fight with COVID – 19.

The exhibition was attended by many celebrities, from the world of acting and music, and one of them is Maja Odzaklijevska.

During the opening of an exhibiton, all anti-epidemic measures were taken, including holding a distance and wearing a mask, while visitors were taken inside in minor groups.

According to pictures that were made during exhibition, it can be concluded that the atmosphere was more than positive, and special energy, aside from many celebrities, was brought by blue shades of the exhibiton making it truly authentic.

The Exhibition will be open for visitors untill 1st December, from 15h-18h, during workweek.

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