Big International Exhibition at Parma

  Misa Kravcev is taking a part on the big international exhibition at Parma, 2020 Cultural Center of Italy, presented by critic and art historian Prof Georgio Grasso, and eminent Giada Eva Elisa Tarantino, Maria Palladino, amoung the most prominent artists, Sara...

Miša Mihajlo Kravcev on SKY TV

On sunday, 14th of June, at 12:30h, on  Giorgio Grasso’s tv show, will be presented a famous Serbian painter, Misa Mihajlo Kravcev, amongst other contemporary art painters. By the end of June, SKY TV will  premiere a special tv show that will present the work...
Miša Mihajlo Kravcev on Sky tv

Miša Mihajlo Kravcev on Sky tv

Art – paintings of Miša Mihajlo Kravcev presented at the tv show of profesor doctor Giorgio Grasso, famous art critic and selector of Venetian bijennale, on SKY TV

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