I am particularly pleased to present this artist by now very much in Italy, Serbian artist who has participated in important exhibitions in our country but above all at the Venice International Art Biennalde in the Pavilion I curated, his works have been seen by the greatest collectors and art lovers who go to visit the Biennale in their thousands.

Let’s see some works by this artist that we put up for sale and whose value is certainly high, let’s dive into the surreal world of Misa’s art, the pictorial language unites the realm of the unconscious with the real world where magic and dreams tend to merge with reality creating a world linked to the surreal.

It draws its ideas from Freud’s thought translated into artistic terms, it tends to make us see something we cannot see with human eyes which tends to remember our dreams. For a full understanding of the works it is necessary to abandon the reason for reality to enter the world of fantasy, of the dream, as Freud said, the dream is an expression of desire and the artist wants this desire for beauty to continue even during the day. the strength of this artist is to combine the dream with reality giving a strong aesthetic result.

His paintings are a great investment and enrich the emotions, buying them today is a great investment, I mainly appeal to art collectors. let’s look at some more works.

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