A bit about my paintings

In my case, nothing has ever been as neat as a pin, nor could it have been. Just like in Nature.
that precisely determined boundary can never exist with me either. the sea begins here, and
the sand stops there, to this point it’s a meadow, and afterwards a forest.
But if it will make it easier for some, perhaps I could divide my paintings into the following
categories: The Blue Paintings, Horses. Flamingos & Phoenixes, Birches, Portraits & Sketches
& Drawings. Other Paintings. Aquarelles..
So, in the following, we will have separately:

1. The Blue Paintings

2. Horses

3. Flamingos & Phoenixes

4. Birches

5. Portraits & Sketches & Drawings

6. Other Paintings

7. Aquarelles..



Miša Mihajlo Kravcev

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