Professor Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, one of the most influential Italian and European art critics and art historian, permanent selector of the Venice Biennale, invited the renowned painter from Belgrade, Miša Mihajlo Kravcev, to perform his artwork at the renowned Zenobio Palace from November 2 to 30, one of the exhibition venues of the 58th Venice Biennale, where art lovers, art connoisseurs, gallerists and collectors from all over the world flock with special interest.

„ Unlike officially selected works, which are mostly conceptual art, and according to critics it evokes less and less emotions and encourages mostly racial, figurative art, such as the art of Miša Kravcev, awakens all the senses and brings us back to the original role of art, which in the moment looking at the work leads to another dimension and overwhelming with emotions, so You will exclaime enthusiastically – I like it!“ – Professor Giorgio Gregorio Grasso

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